My family includes a passionate Australian husband–who is the perfect balance keeper in our household of entrepreneurship–family values, and endless curiosity.

Together, we have a total of 5 children: two "young ones" and three who have left the nest. The best parenting advice I ever received was from a wise older woman, in regards to knowing when you’ve done the job of parenting well. “The goal should always be to work yourself out of a job as mother.” Your children navigating their lives independently is a sign of a job well done. That well-intentioned wisdom has guided my husband and I in the home and in our careers. Doing a job so well, the signs of achievement are created in the independence of your children or your teams.

Through all the lessons learned from my travels, relationships, family wins, heartbreak, and joy, my hope is to bring you my best in all facets to help you raise your family while simultaneously growing your talents into a beautiful career. My own goals have always started with this: be the example of the values we hold dear – faith, hard work, gratitude, giving back whenever possible, using your talents, and living life with no regrets. Family always 🤍

Since 2014, QVD has worked to connect self-care, luxury style, and your best self with highly-educated, community-obsessed artists.

I believe that women who put themselves on their to-do list are the happiest. The care you put into yourself can improve your personal relationships and the ways you interact within your communities.

🤍 Quinn Vise