Calling sensitive skin....

Skin CoLAB recently asked Client Coordinator, Ellie about her skin care routine.

We think you will want to know (and try!) what she shares.


SCL:  Ellie, you have beautiful skin.  What is your cleansing routine?

Ellie: I have very sensitive, acne prone skin so I like my products to be gentle but powerful. I use ZO Hydrating Cleanser morning and night, double cleansing at night to first get my make-up off then truly clean my skin with my second cleanse.


SCL: What other products do you use daily?

Ellie:  After cleansing I use Alsatian Restorative Skin Complex.  Recently I have added a new product from Skin CoLAB called Anfisa, An-Dew for acne. I think the Alastin Skin Complex has helped prep my skin for this addition because An-Dew can be a bit drying.  PS:  I’ve been loving the An-Dew! It has been a game changer in taming my hormonal acne and the occasional flare up.


SCL:  You have a light complexion and have tried a lot to manage redness.  Has anything helped?

Ellie: SkinBetter Science Even Tone helps with my very fair skin that shows redness like no other. Even Tone has taken away my redness and can’t leave home without it!


SCL:  Tell us about your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen.

Ellie:  The final steps in my routine are moisturizing with the Sorella Daily Greens Moisturizer and using SkinBetter Science Tone Smart Liquid Sunscreen to protect my skin and also give me a touch of coverage!


Ready to find your perfect skin care routine?

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